Montenegro is one of the leading tourist attractions in the world. It is one of the few countries with a lot of natural and historical beauties, a European country rich in culture and traditions. Montenegro is a pretty easy place to travel. There is an extensive bus network that can take you to different parts of the country. For much of the twentieth century, Montenegro was a part of Yugoslavia, and between 2003 and 2006, it formed a component of the federated union of Serbia and Montenegro.


About This Blog

We have set up this blog to guide everyone aspiring to travel to Montenegro information about what lies ahead. The country has an incredible scenery. Montenegro is well covered with mountains and valleys making the country have a spectacular scenery. It is one of the best scenes we have in Europe.

A visit to Montenegro will be defined by a lot of ‘wow’ moments. While driving along the winding countryside roads, visitors will be gasping and peering out of the window on every bend due to these impressive landscapes. In this country, the drivers are insane. They overtake at speed on blind corners.

The beauty of the Mediterranean is unique in many ways. It can be found to the south of the Adriatic. With this prime location, nowhere else you are assured to find a natural wealth of beauty. You will find mild beaches, fast rivers, clear lakes and gorgeous mountains. When you wake up in the morning, visitors are greeted with the sight of the beautiful Adriatic coast. You can also have lunch in the banks of Skadar Lake and later enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin Mountains.


Beautiful Beaches

We have come up with this blog purposely for Montenegro. It is a medieval town with rolling hills, an affordable place that boasts some of the best beaches in Europe. Montenegro is a country with 295 kilometers of coastline. With this vast coastline, there are a total of 120 beaches with a lot of sports activities going on. The state offers a mixture of both bustling cities and sleepy villages that covers all bases. There are whitewashed houses with sun-baked roofs that present a perfect Mediterranean scene.


Outdoor Activities

Montenegro is one country that offers visitors plenty of options when it comes to outdoor life. The Tara River Canyon is among the deepest in the world and offers white-water rafting. The Tara River is known for its cascading waterfalls making it an excellent spot for white-water rafting. You can accelerate down the rugged rapids while you take a warm breath in the calm pools.

Due to the rugged nature of this country, the name Black Mountains is not given to Montenegro for no reason. The country boasts of five national parks which are immersed in rivers and canyons, making the national parks an ideal spot for hiking. Other famous water sports to try include jet skis, flyboards, kayaks among others. Visitors coming to this beautiful country get a chance to pursue a friendly paradise with a lot of activities based on enjoying the natural landscape of the country.