How to Tour Around Montenegro

MontenegroAre you psyched up to explore the unspoiled nature and visit the historical sites in the Mediterranean atmosphere of Montenegro? Bursting at the seams of majestic mountains and breathtaking beaches, the minuscule Montenegro proves that good things come in small packages. Montenegro is regarded as the Black Mountain due to its ruggedness. You will probably need a tow truck to be able to explore the deeper parts of its harsh terrain.

One of the Europe’s youngest nations awaits you just south of the Croatian Border. There are dramatic scenery, lots of friendly locals who are proud of the unique land and amazing scenes. Montenegro is fast approaching as one of the rapidly emerging as world’s fastest growing tourist destinations.


Road Trips

Road trips in Montenegro are one of the best things you can have to explore the best of this country. The spectacular bay of Kotor and the beautiful coastlines are always edging their way into the map on the world travel stage, but there is a lot to discover, once you set your foot in this beautiful country.

The people of Montenegro remain to be candid and charming. To explore Montenegro, the first thing you need is to get a car- possibly a powerful truck. Although you can take tours on some public transport, the beauty of road trip is to have your vehicle. Self-driving is one of the best ways to explore this beautiful country.

Tour MontenegroDue to the mountainous terrain, exploring the vast land can be fun to tour. Many people have unpleasant perception of the Balkans being Wild West of Europe, but in truth, this is certainly not the case. Montenegro is one of the safest places to visit due to its warm and hospitable reception. To get to this country, you can cross through either Bosnia, Albania or Croatia by way of the car or bus. The country has an airline and other carriers serving two airports.

If you do not have a car, day tours to places such as Durmitor Park are quite common and possible. Montenegro is quite more developed than most people think. Getting a taxi service is also not that overly expensive as many think. Montenegro uses Euros unlike most of its neighbors. This is one of the reasons why prices can be up. If you are in the search for a place to stay, there are plenty of options from hotels. The official language is the Montenegrin, which is very indifferent to the Serbian/Croatian. English is widely spoken along the coastline and in much of the inland areas.


Exploring the Bay of Kotor

If you have picked a car from the Herceg Novi, the bay of Kotor will be your first major stop. The bay consists of a beautiful body of water in a small village, with tiny beaches and a cruise port. The Kotor Old Town is by far the most popular destination in Montenegro.

If you drive along the coastal road, you will get to the Budva. The old town of Budva has some few beaches, with heaps of shops and bars with packed narrow streets. During the night, the old and new town come alive to give visitors a spectacular experience.