Reasons You Should Include Montenegro in Your Next Travel Vacation

budvaMontenegro is regarded as one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. However, it is one of the highly underrated yet so diverse countries in the Balkans. The country is a real deal of the Adriatic coast. It is a beautiful country that unfortunately, many people have not heard about it. Montenegro is your ideal destination where you can travel cheaply on a backpacker’s budget of $30 or $40

Montenegro is a country that you could drive across in a day. Three main contrasting regions consist of the southern, central and northern regions. If you are looking forward to visiting Montenegro, here are a few reasons to convince you to take up the plan;


Tour Kotor Town

Kotor is located in the coastal region of Montenegro, making it one of the top destinations this country has to offer for its visitors. The town sits along the Adriatic coastline and offers guests fabulous sights to leave them breathless. Some of the beautiful spots to visit include the Maritime Museum, St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, Town Walls and St. Tryphons Cathedral.


Amazing National Parks

A visit to Montenegro would not be complete without visiting the national parks. Visiting the national parks offers visitors a chance to see and discover the beautiful natural resources the country has to offer. The Montenegro landscapes are gorgeous with breathtaking well-preserved nature of wildlife and cultural heritage. The national parks offer the best outdoor experiences and adventures such as rafting down the rapids, walking through primeval forests, cycling through the wilderness among others.


Montenegro Cuisines

If you have been looking for a place where food is quite tasty and delicious, the Montenegro is the place to be. All you have to is to dine at the many hotels and restaurants available. There are a variety of traditional foods ranging from Turkish, Italian, Croatian and Hungarian dishes.  The serving experiences are also a five star.


Beautiful Beaches

When you land on Montenegro, one thing you should never forget to do is to tour the beautiful beaches. Here, beaches will offer you amazing views and experiences. As a matter of truth, Montenegro beaches are considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. Tourists across the continent flock to enjoy the unique experiences. One of the most famous beaches you may consider touring is the big beach which is the longest beach on the Adriatic Sea. Other notable beaches include the Crvena Plaza beach, Becici beach in Budva and the Queens Beach.