Top Things to Do in Herceg Novi

BudvaHerceg Novi is a vibrant and fun-filled coastal town of the famous Montenegro that is located at the center on your way to the Bay of Kotor. This small town worth of every visit. Herceg Novi welcomes visitors to its sparkling seas and almost-constant sunshine. The old town of Herceg Novi is the best fusion of history and culture, spirituality and traditions. The city was founded by the king of Bosnia, Tvrkto 1 Kotromanic, and was initially called Stevi Stefan.

In the height of summer, local tourists flock the resorts and hotels that are close to the waterfront. A visit to Herceg Novi exposes travelers to a lot of activities. If you are planning to visit this town, here are the top places and things you should consider doing.


The Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor is spectacular one and can be counted as one of the top places for visitors to tour in Montenegro. You can get to this bay by use of a boat, or you can decide to drive the curvy streets and enjoy the spectacular views along the way. Top of the activities you can do at this bay is kayaking. With mountains on one side and the olive groves of Lustica Peninsula on the other side, there is a turquoise Adriatic stretching into the Bay of Kotor, making the bay the best place to enjoy waters.


Visit the Old Town of Savina Monastery

Bay of KotorThe old town of Herceg Novi has some awesome stone streets that hide lovely flowered courtyards with dozens of ice cream stands. After you have chosen your favorite flavor, you may follow the dazzling flight of stairs uphill to the Kanli Kula, where you can find an old fortress and an amphitheater overlooking the bay. Savina Monastery also has a lot of great views which can be reached through the walkway covered by trees, above the old town.




Explore the Lustica Peninsula

The Lustica Peninsula forms the opening of the Bay of Kotor. It consists of developed beachside and some remote wilderness with secluded swimming points. A visit to the Lustica Peninsula is worth your time. A lot of visitors come to this place to pack out at every inch of pebble at Blue Horizon and the Oblatno beaches. If you go past these beaches, you can find yourself alone on dusty tracks that seem to be endless. Public transport to the Lustica Peninsula is sparse, so you will need to organize your transport.



From the Kotor, you can get to the Budva by picking a car, and the whole trip will take you 30 minutes on average. Budva is an old town that is similar to the Kotor and is one of the oldest that Adriatic has to offer to its visitors. At first, the old town was located on the island, but with time, sandbank connected the island to the mainland. You can go up the city walls and enjoy the best views over the city from its narrow streets and small bays. Waters at Budva are crystal clear, and this promotes some decent beach time at the many small beach spots we have. There are plenty of accommodation areas at hotels and the freedom hostel.